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Hip Pain

Since the causes of hip pain are so varied, it's important to talk with your physical therapist at Choice One about your symptoms so that he can better understand your situation. Although rest and ice maybe advised, once some of the pain and/or swelling has subsided, some light hip exercises are usually recommended. This might include walking, biking, or cycling combined with some hip stretching exercises. What our physical therapist recommends for hip pain exercises will vary depending on your situation.

Physical therapy is very important to the treatment, rehabilitation, and prevention of many of the conditions that affect the hip and its surrounding structures. Physical therapy of the hip may include stretching, ultrasound, and muscle toning. The stretching exercises that our physical therapist may suggest include knee-chest pulls, the figure-four stretch, and the Indian sitting stretch. Sometimes our physical therapist may want to do an ultrasound treatment which heat the deep tissues about the hip and reduce the inflammation in the area. It also helps with muscle tightness and spasms. Muscle toning exercises are typically recommended when reconditioning occurs as a result of prolonged bed rest, cast immobilization, or lengthy inactivity. Muscle toning exercises should always be done after you’ve done some stretching exercises.

Physical therapy for hip pain is important because it reveals which muscles are referring the pain. The initial massage therapy given by our therapist will help reduce that pain significantly, but more therapies are required to gain control of the dysfunction and trigger muscle referrals. Our physical therapist may recommend some at home exercises. 







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