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Knee Pain

Normally, the goal of physical therapy is to strengthen the muscles around your knee and help you regain knee stability. Depending on your injury, training is likely to focus on the muscles in the back of your thigh (hamstrings), the muscles on the front of your thigh (quadriceps), and your calf, hip and ankle. In the early stages of rehabilitation, you work on re-establishing full range of motion in your knee.

At Choice One Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we then progress to knee-, hip- and ankle-strengthening exercises combined with training to improve your stability and balance. Finally, you work on training specific to your sport or work activities, including exercises to help you prevent further injury. We also require the moderate use of weight machines and exercise bicycles, which are all done at each visit inside of the clinic. 

Strengthening exercises are performed to help you improve the function of your muscles. The goal is to improve strength, increase endurance and maintain or improve range of motion. We also provide you with post-operative exercises, which are always guided by our physical therapist, as there may be specific restrictions for your injury.





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After you make an appointment at our clinic, our billing specialist will contact your insurance company and prepare an Eligibility Verification Form. This form summarizes benefits quoted us by your insurance company. You will receive a copy of this information at your first Sound Physical Therapy appointment.

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