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Lower Back Pain

Our physical therapist at Choice One is trained to identify the treatment strategies which will be most effective for an individual patient, which further improves the effectiveness of care. There are many different forms of physical therapy. Acutely, the therapist may focus on decreasing your lower back pain with passive physical therapy (modalities), and active physical therapy (exercise) is also necessary to rehabilitate the spine.

Most people will experience back pain during their lifetime. Some patients fear the worst, especially when pain is severe. Although lower back pain can be caused by fracture, disc disorder, or tumor, the most common cause is sprain or strain.

At Choice One Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our physical therapist is a highly-educated and licensed healthcare professional who can help patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility--in many cases, without expensive surgery or the side effects of prescription medications.

Symptomatic lumbar degenerative disc disease, the most common cause of low back pain, develops when a disc weakens (often due to repetitive strain), is injured, or deteriorates from aging. As a result, the disc is unable to hold the vertebrae as it should and the lack of stability can cause lower back pain. Exercise and manual therapy including spinal manipulation, have been shown to benefit many patients. Physical therapist intervention includes strengthening of core muscle groups, including the abdominal wall and lumbar musculature.

At Choice One, our purpose is to improve the health and quality of life of individuals through the advancement of physical therapy practice. The patient first learns to control the muscles of the back in simple postures, then later in more challenging activities. The ultimate goal is for the patient to get the muscles to work to control and support the spine in those activities that previously caused pain.



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