At Choice One, we treat an array of conditions
that cause our patients pain and discomfort

Neck Pain

After a neck pain diagnosis has been made, the physical therapist at Choice One may choose from a range of treatment options, including exercises for flexibility, strength, stability, and restoration of range of motion. Other options include ice, heat, electrical stimulation, traction or mobilization, and massage. At Choice One Physical Therapy, we also analyze your home and work environment in order to ensure that you're not re-injuring yourself.

Much evidence suggests that low-impact aerobic exercise such as swimming, walking, low-impact aerobics, and stationary bicycling may also be helpful in decreasing neck pain. However, our physical therapist can design a pain-free exercise program just for you.

Once your physical therapy goals are met, our staff will help you continue therapy on your own with a home program designed to fit your needs. The goal of physical therapy is to return you to normal activity as quickly as possible, with the knowledge you need to minimize or eliminate your problem.




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After you make an appointment at our clinic, our billing specialist will contact your insurance company and prepare an Eligibility Verification Form. This form summarizes benefits quoted us by your insurance company. You will receive a copy of this information at your first Sound Physical Therapy appointment.

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