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Everyone's spine has curves. These curves produce the normal rounding of the shoulder and the sway of the lower back. A spine with scoliosis has abnormal curves with a rotational deformity. This means that the spine turns on its axis like a corkscrew.

All scoliosis cases involve asymmetrical muscles. A spine with scoliosis twists abnormally due to strength and bulk imbalances among muscle groups in the back and elsewhere (such as the lower extremities) that are supposed to be equal. For whatever reason, some muscles on one side of the back grow stronger than the opposing group on the other side and pull harder. The weaker muscles cannot maintain a balance, so the scoliosis cycle begins and gradually worsens under the asymmetrical loads.

Scoliosis has its onset in infancy, but is most frequently seen in adolescence. It is more common in females by a 2:1 ratio. However, when curves in excess of 30 degrees are evaluated, females are more frequently affected by a ratio of approximately 8-10:1.

Board Certified orthopedic physical therapists like those at Choice One Physical Therapy are best qualified to evaluate and treat deforming spinal conditions like scoliosis conservatively. The Schroth Method is a physiotherapeutic treatment system which uses isometric and other exercises to strengthen or lengthen asymmetrical muscles in a scoliotic body. Its goals are to halt progression of abnormal spinal curvature, and in the best case to reverse the curves. The Schroth method gives a patient the knowledge and tools to control her or his own postural health throughout life.

A patient must do the scoliosis exercises for about 1/2 hour daily. Patient compliance is extremely important, and it's hard work. However, the benefits of the Schroth method for scoliosis relief are great.

The Schroth Method helps patients to:

  • Halt curve progression
  • Reduce pain
  • Increase vital capacity
  • At least partly reverse abnormal curvatures
  • Improve posture and appearance
  • Maintain improved posture lifelong
  • Avoid surgery

Dr. Ghaffari is the only Schroth Board Certified physician currently practicing in the entire Southeast. To learn more about scoliosis and its treatment, a good resource for further information is The National Scoliosis Foundation. If you would like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ghaffair and the expert staff at Choice One Physical Therapy regarding your scoliosis, please contact us today.

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